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What is WeAreON?

WeAreON is a web-based service to keep track of all your computing devices. A range of software clients, coupled with our server infrastructure, will give you a detailed view of the activity and performance of your systems.

Getting Started

  1. Register: Create a user account here. Wait until you receive a confirmation email from us, then follow the instructions it contains to activate your account.
  2. Install: Download the WeAreON client software and install it in all the devices you want to manage.
  3. Take control: Once the client software is installed, enter your user name and password from the WeAreON website in the client's Control Panel to take ownership of the data.


Coming Soon

New features that WeAreON will offer:

  • Namespaces (already available to subscribers)
  • Email and Instant Messaging status notifications
  • Full scheduling of client software updates
  • Widgets to embed in web pages (iGoogle already available)
  • Remote log file analysis powered by regular expressions
  • Automated tagging